Jackie Horvath
Jackie is Owner & Founder of Horvath Communications, a cell-site development company founded here
in South Bend which has developed more than 1,200 cell tower locations nationwide. She is mother to
three children, and grandmother to seven. Jackie grew up in South Bend, Indiana, and attended Indiana
University-Bloomington, where she majored in political science. As a business owner herself, Jackie
understands how pro-growth economic policy is necessary for local & state government. Jackie has also
devoted a large amount of time & financial resources to support the local pro-life community.


Erin Horvath
Erin has been involved in local politics since 2007, and manages to stay engaged as a business executive,
mother of four young children, and active board member at her children’s school, Granger Christian
School. Erin attended St. Mary’s College in South Bend, where she double-majored in political science
and journalism. She currently serves as Vice President of Horvath Communications, overseeing the
company’s daily operations at its headquarters in South Bend. Erin resides in Granger, Indiana, with her
four young children and husband.


Benjamin Horvath
Ben is a licensed attorney & proud Double Domer. He currently serves as Executive Director of HCV, and
has helped oversee its growth over the past 2 years. Ben is also a lifelong South Bend native, and happily
married. In addition to serving as Executive Director of HCV, he is a published commentator in
conservative publications like The Federalist, American Thinker, and Right Side Broadcasting Network.